Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I don't have time for germs

I woke up yesterday morning feeling a little bit off. Scratchy throat, dry cough, too warm by a bunch, followed by chills. Just like when I was driving truck - I don't have time for this. But this week, especially. Because this is MATS week. And I'm not gonna miss Looavull. No how, no way. So I hunkered down, took a couple of ibuprofen, swigged down a can of Coca Cola and hit the couch wrapped in two blankets. It's as close to a surefire cure as I get. Spent the afternoon sleeping. Followed by the evening sleeping. Fever broke and I knew I'd be fine today.

Until I turned over at 3 a.m. writing this blog in my head with Dr. Seuss in mind:

I would go with a broken leg
I would be there with a bump on my head
I wouldn't miss a trip to MATS
Not for this and not for that
I wouldn't miss it this I know
Cause there are trucks and so I go
Chrome and stainless
Paint and shiny
There's no way I'd let a germ sideline me
So suck it up and hit the road
Cause it's time for MATS and off to MATS I go.

Wow - I must have been delirious.

But this morning I felt better. I packed my suitcase and headed for my first stop - the clean-up lot where the trucks are prepping for their close ups. And that's the cure for whatever ailed me. I'm at MATS and everything is good.

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