Thursday, March 21, 2013

Runnin' smart, lookin' sharp

Land Line staff attended the Freightliner press conference yesterday afternoon. A group of special people were introduced, and I have to point out that it was pretty cool that a portion of the press event was to acknowledge six professional truckers who make up the Team Run Smart Pros.

It’s also cool that all of them are OOIDA members.

Linda Caffee, Jimmy Nevarez, Bob Caffee, Joey Slaughter,
Henry Albert and Jeff Clark.
Henry Albert is from Statesville, NC. Bob and Linda Caffee are from Silex, MO. Jeff Clark hails from Kewaunee, WI. Jimmy Nevarez is from Yorba Linda, CA. Joey Slaughter is from Ringgold, VA. They all drive Freightliners, have years of experience in trucking, have wonderfully diverse professional backgrounds, and do weekly blogs at

What is Team Run Smart? Well, it's an open community of people who are really serious about running a super professional trucking business. And it's not just run smart; it's a lot more -- like fuel smart and even health smart. Check out the wealth of resources at their website.

All the Freightliner execs were looking their best yesterday, but truthfully nobody was any sharper than those drivers in their white starched shirts and black pants.

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