Friday, March 22, 2013

OOIDA media receive 19 awards in TWNA annual competition

The TWNA Communication Awards are the centerpiece of the organization’s annual Industry Awards Banquet. Now in its ninth year, the Communication Award program generated 78 entries ranging from newspaper and magazine articles to covers and layouts to press events.

More than 60 of the top scoring entries received awards this year. Winners included magazines, publishing companies, public relations firms and individuals. The competition recognizes excellence in trucking industry journalism in both the trade and the mainstream press, as well as excellence in communication by public relations professionals.

The Communication Awards include categories for writing, graphics, broadcast, websites, and internal communications, just to name a few. Virtually everything from feature articles to press kits to marketing brochures to magazine redesigns are all included in the scope of the program. Nearly everything except advertising is eligible for entry.

The award program is administered by Elaine Haessner, co-founder of the International Automotive Media Awards. The entries are peer-judged against a thoroughly refined and tested standard scale. TWNA membership, although encouraged, is not required to submit entries.

The following are awards received by OOIDA’s media outlets, Land Line Magazine and “Land Line Now.”

Bronze Awards
  • Land Line Magazine - Failure To Launch - Clarissa Kell-Holland
  • Land Line Magazine - In A Perfect World - David Tanner
  • Land Line Magazine - 2011 Chain Advisory - Jami Jones
  • Land Line Magazine - 2012 Legislative Guide - Keith Goble
  • “Land Line Now” - Aaron Tippin - A Truck Driver Who Made Good - Terry Scruton & James Fetzer

Silver Awards
  • Land Line Magazine - Cracked Carols - Bill Hudgins
  • Land Line Magazine - One Gargle Over The Line - Charlie Morasch
  • Land Line Magazine - In Harm's Way - Clarissa Kell-Holland, Charlie Morasch, Nikohle Ellis & Greg Holmes
  • Land Line Magazine - Tapping Into Power On The Road - Xantrex Technology
  • “Land Line Now” - Joplin Copes W ith Damage From Historic Tornado - Patsy Terrell & Barry Spillman
  • “Land Line Now” - Radioactive Cars - The Wave Of The Future? - Reed Black & James Fetzer

Gold Awards
  • Land Line Magazine - July 2011 Issue - Land Line Staff
  • Land Line Magazine - Pork Chop Diaries - Land Line Staff
  • Land Line Magazine - Truck Of The Future - Paul Abelson & Jami Jones
  • Land Line Magazine - What Happened To Bette Garber's Pictures? - Suzanne Stempiniski & Sandi Soendker
  • “Land Line Now” - Zombie Apocalypse? You, too, can be prepared. - Mark Reddig & James Fetzer
  • “Land Line Now” - Anne Ferro - Getting The Lowdown - Terry Scruton, Jami Jones, David Tanner & James Fetzer

The following awards were selected from all entries receiving 98 points or more on the 100 point scale used to judge each entry. There are five best of division categories: public relations, total publication, radio, magazine graphics and magazine writing. The following entries were deemed best in division among qualifying entries.

Best of Division Awards

“Land Line Now” - Anne Ferro - Getting The Lowdown - Terry Scruton, Jami Jones, David Tanner & James Fetzer

Magazine Writing
Land Line Magazine - Truck Of The Future - Paul Abelson & Jami Jones

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